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WWE 12 PC Game EditionFighters rattle always together, like old times, and for all the talk of new animations which represents a significant improvement in flow control. Extra set should be used to relieve the traffic capacity of the channel (as shown in the WWE All Stars systems against attack).

Instead, the opposite seems to be true today: singles matches are as hard as ever, and now you can stop the movements that often stops attacks unnaturally, when more than two people in the ring. There are questions about the accuracy of the new animations too. Authorities through the ropes with alarming regularity, and it is not uncommon to see superstars that falls from the ring at the end, but if you are too close to the platform.

In addition, it now takes longer to perform most of the shots to a new agency, which amends the membership system, which replaces the old control system. Then there is the narrow wings - areas less favorable to fight against the grace of the series - A new way to Wrestle mania match promotion system that destroys the legitimate struggles and reduced its full role in the normal viewer.

As usual, the WWE game is something common date on the top, but the rearrangements listed WWE has been relatively quiet this year, the game of real life Superstars share is healthier than usual. However, the first months of the opening of the road to Wrestle Mania story focuses late Bragging Rights pay-per-view, and is introduced into the story, so absurdly that it is almost the level of the infamous "Candice Michelle has a magic wand," the story of the first SmackDown vs 2007th

WWE 12 PC Game Edition
WWE 12 PC Game Edition
WWE Universe - the merger endless exhibition games, and the story mode - not as stable as it could be. We had a few cases, the losers of The Contender match a title inexplicably ZPPVS Get Shot at the expense of effective competition.
WWE 12 PC Game Edition
And if you want to play each match will face the dilemma pathetic: How do you play another game "after each pinfall, but confirms that it will be thrown into the fight without a clue who fights for the honor of be a champion fighter defending, or the game can be fixed, or it does return to the game menu options Duck cards before each fight for information, but you must live horrible load times in this process?
WWE 12 PC Game Edition
WWE 12 PC Game Edition
WWE 12 PC Game Edition
Of course, as WWE 12 was built on top of game systems that now exist, there is a lot of content waiting to be uprooted. The beginnings of how to create a control arm option (although the new create-a-arena feature does not let you go as wild as you want), despite a marked slowdown in the story mode, c ' is a great improvement over last year. That WWE 12, but is not able to solve the next part of the water from the air progressively generalized. All Stars is a simple idea to create a degree of pick-up-and-play without losing the WWE hardcore depth, and WWE 12 is going to do, to learn from his cousin directed arc.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
Grahics: 512 MB

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