AMD-3500 A6: Llano Special Triple Core

AMD-3500 A6 - Llano Special Triple Core

With prices below the range of 1 million rupiah, the processor (or more appropriately called APU) AMD Llano A6-3500 certainly attracted the attention of all those who want to build a cheap PC. Then, how the performance of triple-core APU itself?

Three Core + Turbo

There are many interesting things from this unique AMD APU. A6-3500 is the APU which has 3 cores processor. This is a unique configuration, because a lot of modern game developers who suggested a minimum of 3 core specification (for AMD processors) so that games can run smoothly. A6-3500 AMD obviously qualify this.

From the GPU is used, the APU is wearing the same type and speed of the A6-3850 the price is higher. This makes it theoretically could deliver gaming performance that is not much different than the "brother" was.

Has a 65W TDP only, making it more friendly to the APU PSU. In addition, to maintain the performance of the base rate of only 2.1 GHz, A6-3500 is equipped with a turbo feature. This makes it capable of working at a maximum speed of 2.4 GHz. Indeed, the speed is still below the speed turbonya A6-3650 standard (2.6 GHz), but not too much different. In addition, in the idle condition, the power consumption can be saved even lower.

Theoretically, before the testing we have seen that the APU is indeed not be able to defeat both Llano on it (A8 and A6-3850-3650). However, let's see how far the A6-3500 can approach the performance of the two APU is much faster and more expensive. For the record: AMD Llano A6-3500 is its price 17.5% less expensive than the A6-3650 and 43% cheaper than the A8-3850.


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