FX-4100 AMD vs Intel Core i3 2100 - Processor

FX-4100 AMD vs Intel Core i3 2100

AMD has launched a new processor for AM3 socket. For the mainstream classroom, AMD FX-4100 provides. With 4 cores and the speed of 3.6 GHz frequency, whether newcomers can compete with the Intel Core i3 2100 which is long enough to master this class?

From the specification, it appears that the AMD FX-4100 offers a better potential. Larger cache memory, higher speed and more cores makes the FX-4100 perform better. At least on paper. Meanwhile, Intel Core i3 2100 comes with a lower rate (even without the turbo) and fewer number of cores. However, hyperthread Intel (which makes it capable of running 4 threads) generally can not compete with the real core. In addition, the efficiency of Sandy Bridge architecture should also be taken into account.

The second price is relatively the same processor. Both are in Kisara 1 million dollars. If we look from the side of the platform support, both already have a fairly cheap motherboard support. At a later date, choose the AMD processor can lead to more investment lightly. As usual, board manufacturers will provide AMD solutions at prices cheaper than the Intel solution. Unfortunately, to date it has not happened.

Testing platform

Intel Core i3 2100
AMD FX-4100

ASUS Crosshair Formula V

Kingston KHX1600C9D381K2/4GX

Graphic Card

Power Supply
Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 800 Watt


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